When you purchase something from Modstop Ltd you are becoming part of the family. The Vendor who you have purchased from will be responsible for your order and any aftercare that should be needed for whatever reason.

If said Vendor does not fulfil his duties of care for the buyer. We advise you first make direct contact with the Vendor. If that fails and direct contact does not resolve the issue, please contact us directly via the contact form on the right hand side of the website.

Static Listing's


Static Listings could’nt be simpler. You search for a product. see what you like, add it to your cart. Go to checkout. and you pay the seller.

Once you have made the purchase any aftercare or issues with said product that may occur are the responsibility of the Vendor to acknowledge and correct.

If said vendor doesn’t fix the issue or resolve your problem. Please feel free to leave a review on there store and contact us directly.


Once you bid on an auction you are stating that you have the funds topay once the auction comes to and end.

If, for any reason you do not have the funds to pay at the end of the auction and you do not communicate this to the seller you will have a mark put againt your account. 1 Mark is considered a warning. 2 Marks is an email warning you that this is being noticed and monitored. and if yo ucontinue and end up with a 3rd mark your account will be terminated.

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